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Sometimes, it’s the journey — and the destination.

This is Kei Madison's Story

Ke Madison playing ball in an NBA tryout
Kei mAdison, coaching his youth team

Growing up amidst the tranquility of a small Alabama town, Kei's childhood was firmly rooted in the embrace of faith. With a family deeply committed to their beliefs, Kei's weeks were woven with the threads of church attendance, school lessons, and a diamond that held his dreams - the baseball field. A natural gift emerged from his grip - a blazing fastball that set him apart, gaining the gaze of coaches across the local circuit.


But midway through high school, a sudden growth spurt stretched Kei's world by six inches. His fastball, once his signature, retreated in the shadow of a newfound love - basketball. The summer before junior year was a turning point, where his 93 mph pitch surrendered to a towering 6'9" frame that could leap skyward by 39 inches. The basketball court became his stage, his domain, where he commanded attention as the star of his high school team. Alabama's third-ranked talent was a beacon in the state, guiding his team to the coveted Elite Eight in the state tournament.


Amidst the cheers, a new spotlight followed Kei's every move. College coaches from far and wide sought his allegiance, a dance of possibilities set into motion. Indiana University's Bob Knight stepped forth, igniting a relationship that sparked not only dreams but also a lasting kinship with Knight's sons.


Academics nudged Kei to a junior college in Iowa, where he proved his prowess on the court. Soon, Florida's Okaloosa-Walton Junior College beckoned, offering a platform that propelled his star higher. The stage was grander, the stakes higher, as Kei's average of 20 points and 13 rebounds per game resounded like a drumbeat across the nation. Pro scouts and college coaches locked their sights on him, and like a meteor, he burned his name onto the sky.


In a whirlwind, the NBA's gates swung open. Kei's skills were scrutinized by eleven teams, his talents unveiled on summer league courts from Salt Lake City to Long Beach. The Seattle Supersonics' training camp beckoned, a realm where potential collided with reality. Rashard Lewis, a seasoned scorer, became a mentor and a friend as Kei carved his presence into the team's fabric.


Through weeks of competition, Kei persisted. He outshone contenders, eyes locked on the roster's elusive final spot. Reggie Evans was left behind, leaving Kei on the brink of destiny. Halloween morning, two days before the season's dawn, the general manager's office awaited him, harboring news that could etch his name into history.


In a bittersweet climax, Kei stood on the precipice of his NBA dreams. The Seattle Supersonics, while loving him both as player and person, made a heartrending decision. The team's final cut, Kei found himself on the brink of despair, yet his spirit remained unbroken. His agent's counsel held him steady, a beacon of hope for an uncertain future.


The CBA draft painted a new canvas. Kei's name soared as the Grand Rapids Hoops' top pick, a testament to his unwavering resolve. The court became his sanctuary once more, the journey taking him across continents and cultures. From Puerto to Kosovo, his game flourished, championships and MVP accolades punctuating his path.


Over a decade of globetrotting, Kei's passion stayed alight. The love of basketball kindled a fire that transcended boundaries, a testament to his unyielding dedication. He returned to Michigan, a chapter closing but not without leaving an indelible mark.


As the pages turned, Kei found himself seeking a program for his son, a yearning for an offering that didn't yet exist. With determination as his ally, Kei partnered with Jeremy Burgin, birthing a program focused on nurturing young talents holistically.


Life's victories and defeats fused into a mosaic that shaped Kei. His ambitions remained untamed, a driving force pushing him toward uncharted horizons. A legacy was born in the Swish Athletic Club, a testament to the values etched into his soul through triumphs, travels, and most cherished roles - husband, father, and youth coach.

Kei Madison's offical portrait fot the Sonics
Kei Madison making a slam dunk for the Harlem Globetrotters
Kei MAdison, being an inspirational leader
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