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What is Swish about?

A Better Way To Play


Basketball’s popularity transcends sports.  


From the NBA Finals and March Madness to millions of kids playing in schools, rec leagues and AAU tournaments — basketball has grown into a global phenomenon that touches all aspects of society.


The team at Swish Athletic Club loves basketball! But not just for the explosive dunks, game-winning threes and double-overtime thrillers all of us enjoy. We also respect and embrace the sport’s great potential to positively impact young people’s lives. Swish Athletic Club was created to improve the youth basketball experience with a central focus on fundamental skill development and training programs designed to help students evolve — both on and off the court.


As travel basketball and AAU tournaments have become an integral part of the sport, many teams and programs have unfortunately lost their way. Scholarships, recruiting, shoe deals, flashy uniforms and winning-at-all-costs have replaced teamwork, trust, confidence and personal development. Many programs focus solely on developing elite players, while the average player who wants to improve, grow and have fun often gets left far behind.


Swish founders Kei Madison and Jeremy Burgin have created a well-rounded youth basketball option for parents and kids in Grand Rapids who want more. While they remain dedicated to developing successful players and teams, they also recognize the need for a program that develops all types of players.


Our organization accepts the responsibility that we all share to offer our children the chance to succeed in sports — but also in life, love, friendship, work and play. In addition to coaching the fundamentals of the game, our coaches remain committed to giving young athletes the vital life skills they need to have unlimited opportunities and options — while instilling in them the importance of becoming respectful young men!


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