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Advanced Beginners

 3rd - 5th grade

In the Advanced Beginner Program, the students will learn the fundamentals of defense, offense, and teamwork. As the students begin to grasp these concepts, they will learn that they have the ability to impact the game, boosting their confidence and sparking a deeper interest in basketball. The Advanced Beginner Level is for ages 9 - 11. 

Swish Black

Swish Black students have a natural gift in athletics, show a high interest level in the game of basketball, and the ability to learn the concepts quickly. 


Swish Red

Swish Red students have some experience in athletics and are showing some interest in being a future basketball player. 


Swish White

Swish White students are introducing themselves to athletics and looking to have a fun experience as they learn more about basketball and what their future in athletics will be.

15U - 17U
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