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6th - 8th  grade

In the Foundational Program, students will learn the value of communication, hard work, and integrity as they are faced with the physical challenge of developing a basketball body and the mental challenge of pushing beyond their comfort zone. The Foundational Level is for ages 12 - 14. 

Swish Elite

Swish Elite students show an above average talent level, athletic ability and/or understanding in the game of basketball. These students are showing a strong interest in basketball and are in the process of developing elite habits such as: taking it upon themselves to improve, building a weekly routine, and accepting accountability. These students know they want to play in high school and be an impact player. 


Swish Select

Swish Select students are carefully chosen by the Swish staff showing an average talent level, athletic ability and/or understanding of the game of basketball. These students show some interest in playing at the high school level and need to improve their fundamental skill base, grit, and/or ability to accept accountability to reach the next level. 


Swish Diamond

Swish Diamond students are at the point where they are still deciding if basketball is something they want to pursue at the high school level. These students may be a diamond in the rough, or they could be playing to have a fun experience with their teammates, all while developing the character traits of a champion both on and off the court.

15U - 17U
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