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Welcome Swish Boosters

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Welcome to SWISH Athletic Boosters Club


This club is designed to support players in the SWISH Athletic Club AAU basketball program.


The club members are as follows:

President – Tiana Madison

Treasurer- Katherine Burgin

Chairperson- Amanda Casten


 We will have an additional 6 members at large (one parent per team who will also serve as the team manager for each team)

The committee will meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month to discuss upcoming events, fundraisers and any individual or team concerns that need to be addressed. All parents are welcome to attend meetings. Meetings are required for parents that hold positions with the booster club.


The groups will conduct several fundraisers throughout the season. The funds raised will be credited to each players individual account to use for SWISH approved expenses. These expenses could include private lessons or monthly tuition fees. The funds can not be used on any “vendor” items such as uniforms or team swag. Players are not “required” to participate in fundraisers.


Swish families may elect which fundraisers, if any, they would like to participate in.

Parents (or supporting family members) can also “sponsor” their child. (this is separate from SWISH Athletic Club corporate sponsorships). The sponsors can choose from 3 different categories: $100, $250, $500. Each sponsor will receive a sponsor T shirt for their efforts. Sponsors who sponsor $250 will have a name mention on Booster club T shirts and publications. Sponsors who sponsor $500 will have their logo placed on Booster club T shirts and publications.


The boosters club is also responsible to coordinate and facilitate all team events such as the end of the season banquet and any team outings that are performed throughout the season.

To enroll your family in the SWISH Booster club program, a one time $20 fee per family is required each season. There will be no other “dues” required to participate.

We welcome any suggestions or feedback that will help us to improve our program.


We look forward to an AWESOME season!!

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