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Tim Stanton


Tim Stanton is a basketball fanatic who's dedicated his life to coaching young athletes. With years of experience coaching youth sports in Grand Rapids, including for AYSO, the YMCA, NELL and Michigan Basketball Academy, Tim loves nothing more than helping kids develop their skills and passion for the game. And when he's not coaching, you might find him competing in a Gus Macker 3-on-3 tournament. Tim has been playing in Macker tournaments since 1989, and he's won an impressive 35 trophies over the years. He's so proud of his collection that he displays them in his garage, despite his wife Lonny's gentle nudges to put them away.

Tim's passion for basketball runs deep. He's a graduate of West Catholic and Michigan State University, and has been working in the hospitality industry for years. But no matter where his career takes him, he always makes time to coach his three children, Ben, age 11, Gabe, age 10, and Lucy, age 8. And if you're lucky enough to play for one of Tim's Swish teams, you'll quickly see that his love for the game is contagious.

At Swish, we're lucky to have Tim on our coaching staff. His dedication to the sport, natural leadership skills, and ability to connect with young athletes make him an invaluable asset to our team. Whether he's leading a practice or cheering on his players from the sidelines, Tim is always there to help our athletes improve and reach their full potential.

Tim Stanton
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