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Jeremy Burgin


When Swish co-founder Jeremy Burgin sets his mind to doing something he does it all out. From playing basketball after high school to raising a family to running a successful business — Jeremy does what it takes to get things done.


Jeremy grew up in a faith-based home in Minnesota, in a small town of less that 3,000 people. A strong high school point guard and student, Jeremy elected to play basketball at Calvin College, a great academic institution with a storied basketball tradition. He finished his college playing career at nearby Grace Bible College, moving on to play professionally for the Grand Rapids Flight in the IBL in 2007 alongside 7’9” Sun Ming Ming from China.


He and Katherine, his wife of 11 years, have four children. Their third grade son Miles and fourth grade son Carter both play for Swish teams. Their oldest daughter Jada plays soccer for Midwest United and their five-month old, Jordyn, spends many hours each week on the sidelines cheering for her siblings.


Owner of a local software distribution company, Jeremy loves Grand Rapids and enjoys raising his family in this great community. As a youth coach for six years with the YMCA and Upwards, Jeremy welcomed the opportunity to help build Swish Athletic Club, jumping at the chance to tackle a new challenge. The ability for Jeremy to combine his proven skills as a communicator and business leader with his love of youth sports drives him to keep Swish running smoothly behind the scenes.