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Swish Coach Tim Stanton's Biography.

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Tim Stanton


Tim Stanton loves coaching kids in basketball, even more than he loves playing the sport himself. Coaching youth sports in Grand Rapids for the past five years for AYSO, the YMCA, NELL and Michigan Basketball Academy, Tim definitely will be able to stay immersed in the sport once he hangs up his hi-tops for good.


If you’ve heard of Gus Macker, than you may have seen Tim at a recent 3-on-3 tournament. Tim has been competing and winning Macker tournaments since he began playing in Belding back in 1989. He personally owns 35 Gus Macker trophies, which he proudly displays in his garage, despite his wife Lonny’s subtle hints to put them away.


A graduate of West Catholic and Michigan State University, who works in the hospitality industry, Tim appreciates that he can pass along his love for the game to his three children — and to all the other kids who are lucky enough to play for one of his Swish teams.


Tim and Lonny have been married for 15 years and have three children: Ben, age 11, Gabe, age 10, and Lucy, age 8.

Swish Coach - Tim Stanton