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Personal Training

Swish 3th Grade Diamond Team


The Diamond Package Includes:

Weekly Practices:

  • Starting in October, we will host (2) 90 minute practices each week throughout the season.


Skills Training:

  • This is an additional training, outside of our two regular practices, where we will be focusing on fundamentals on both offense and defense. This is where the boys will be sharpening their tools. The Skills Training will take place on Sunday evenings.


League Play:

  • The Diamond Boys will be playing in 3 sessions throughout the season. The first 2 sessions will be played at MBA Woodland. The 3rd session will either be played on MBA (Woodland) or the Courthouse. The determination of where the 3rd session will be played at will depend on how well the team has played through first two sessions.```

    • 1st Session:

      • Dates – October 26th– December 4th (8 games will be played within a 7 week season, no games over week of Thanksgiving)

    • 2nd Session:

      • Dates – Have not been posted yet. Season will run 7 weeks.

    • 3rd Session:

      • Dates – Have not been posted yet. Season will run 7 weeks.


Tournament Play:

  • We will play in 3 tournaments. Not all tournaments have released their dates, thus we do not currently have a finalized list of what tournaments we will be playing in. Below are the tournaments that we will be choosing from:

    • 11.30Turkey ClassicGrand Rapids

    • 12.14Sharp ShooterKalamazoo

    • 12.28Holiday MadnessGrand Rapids

    • 1.11-12Drive to the HoopGrand Rapids

    • 2.1-2MVP ClassicGrand Rapids

    • 3.2-3Spartan ShowcaseLansing

    • 4.11Easter Celebration JamGrand Rapids

    • TBDMayhem in the MittenGrand Rapids

    • TBDSpring ShowcaseGrand Rapids

    • TBDWinter JamGrand Rapids

Personal Training:

  • Each player will be given 3 personal training sessions. The goal is for all the boys to schedule their trainings within the first 2 sessions of the season. There will be a training schedule on Swish’s website with the available training dates. You will be able to click on the ‘Training’ tab and sign up upon the launch of our site. These sessions will be limited to 3 players per session.


Player Kit:

  • Home and Away Uniform

  • Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt

  • (2) Practice Jerseys

  • Backpack

  • Tear Away Pants

  • Socks



The Cost to play for the 3rd Grade Swish Diamond Team is $750.00 for the season. Your payment is due by September 13th. For your convenience, we have constructed a payment plan for the 2019-2020 season. The program requires a down payment of $250.00, and $50 payments for the following 10 months. You will be able make your payment via e-check or credit card.



We will be presenting the team with multiple fundraising opportunities to raise money for each of the player’s club fees.  We will put a heavy emphasis on this as we can significantly reduce the cost to play for the club.


Swish Athletic Club has created a Scholarship Fund that will be allocated to anyone in need. Please look out for the ‘Scholarship’ tab on Swish’s website for further details. It is our goal to find a way for every player interested in playing the opportunity to play

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